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The Academy of Forensic Medical Sciences, is holding its next Diploma Course Forensic Medical Sciences (forensic medicine, forensic science and the law as applicable to the forensic sciences) in October 2018.


The Course comprises 30, two hour sessions, covering a broad range of subjects, delivered by recognized forensic specialists and held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6pm-8pm starting on the 4 October 2018 through to the end of March 2019. Students who successfully complete the course will be eligible to sit for the Diploma in Forensic Medical Sciences, which is offered by the Society of Apothecaries.




The course has been designed by the Academy of Forensic Medical Sciences, which runs a number of courses encompassing various aspects of Forensic Medical Sciences.

This course aims to offer participants an understanding and practical knowledge of the main aspects related to the management of the dead. It also explains the processes involved in ensuring the dead are managed in a proper and dignified manner, including consideration for the needs of bereaved families. The course will also provide an understanding of all aspects of how deceased persons are managed from when death occurs to their lawful disposal and all related issues. Both single and multiple death situations will be covered.


The standard of admission to the course will be a relevant University degree in medicine, law, science, social science or a related subject. Alternatively, other professionals with appropriate experience and/or bona fide interest in forensic medicine and science will also be considered.

Distance Learning Option

To our distance learning students we offer the full lecture with documentation on line which will remain accessible until the date of the Diploma examination following the course. In order to assess that students are accessing the teaching material we also set a number of short questions from time to time relevant to each lecture. These questions are not assessed for the Diploma examination, but their purpose is to ensure engagement of the students. We also encourage the students to post questions to us on course site forum which will be answered by the relevant lecturers.

Satisfactory completion of the course (attendance of at least 80% of the course) will lead to the award of a Certificate of Attendance. Candidates may then wish to sit for the examination leading to the award of Diploma of Forensic Medical Sciences.

Course Syllabus

The full course syllabus can be
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Course Fees for 2018-19:

The course fee is £ 900, payable prior to the commencement of the course.

Enrolling in the Course

Candidates must submit a formal application for admission, electronic copy of an application can be
Downloaded Here
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